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Bought another AKG WMS 40 Mini wireless microphone

30/11/2012 2 comments

I bought my second AKG WMS 40 Mini wireless microphone yesterday. The reason I bought it is because there are events where the customers say that they want two wireless microphones instead of just one. Also, if any of my wireless mics are giving issues, I would have a spare handy. In any case, the shop where I bought the first one from was having a sale. I bought the second one for about $35 cheaper than the first one. I have used this AKG microphone for quite a few times and I am very happy with the sound, quality and portability of this very excellent wireless microphone.


SMRT and their train announcements in English and Mandarin

29/11/2012 Leave a comment

In Singapore, there are 4 main languages namely English, Malay, Chinese and Tamil. That is the way Singapore is. SMRT has done something really stupid these past few weeks. This is one of them. This was screen-captured from this site and it shows the stupid reasons for SMRT announcing stations only in English and Mandarin. SMRT, all I can say is, you are proof that just when you could not do anything more stupid, you come out and totally redeem yourself. Who is the idiot that justified doing this?

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Motorcycle for the wheelchair-bound

28/11/2012 1 comment

It must be tough for the disabled…not being mobile and being forced to take taxis everywhere you go. It can get pretty expensive and you need to rely on people to get you around. Trust me, it is no fun and can be a real challenge in some places where there are no ramps for the disabled to even wheel their wheelchairs in! But there is hope. I saw this motorcycle for the disabled and I thought it looks pretty cool. Looks like even the disabled can have bragging rights to a “car” or “motor-car” or whatever you call it, for lack of a proper description. Nice, isn’t it?

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Fender Passport PD150 portable PA system

27/11/2012 1 comment

I was at the SITEX 2012 exhibition last week at the Singapore Expo. Lots of computers to see and lots of bargains to be had. I met up with a few of my friends who were there and we had a great time catching up. My friends were all emcees for various booths in the big exhibition and it seems that the main contractor had supplied them with these Fender Passport PA systems. Apparently they were all sick of these and I was surprised because Fender Passports have quite good ratings and I have actually used them before. Its only when I was passing some booths and I heard these babies being used. Terrible. Looks like they could not handle speech very well. They sounded distorted and I bet that people were getting terrible ear fatigue. If they did not, I surely was! sad really but after looking at the specs:

  • Speakers – One 5.25″ Woofer, Two 2.75″ Tweeters
  • Inputs – 2 Mic/Line inputs, 2 Stereo inputs
  • Power Handling – 150 Watts Class-D Power Amp
  • Channels – 4 (2 Mic/Line, 2 Stereo)

Does not look too powerful so maybe that is the reason why it sounded too distorted. 75 watts per channel. That ain’t much. Plus everyone was competing with each other to get people to patronise their respective stalls. Plus that Class-D amplifier and 5.25″ woofer. Hardly much air excursion. But then again, this is one of the smaller models of the Passport Series so I suppose that is all it can deliver. I bet my Yamaha Stagepas would trump these!

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Nokia 5030

26/11/2012 1 comment

I have had this Nokia phone now for the greater part of three years and it is still running fine. I bought it for the radio because I wanted something small I could listen to and put in the bathroom while I am having a bath and this phone seemed to be the right thing for the job, being small and unobtrusive. For a time, my mother-in-law used it because her phone died and this was loaned to her for a while. Now, it just fulfils radio duty, in the bathroom while I am shaving and showering and occasionally as a sound-source for use during sound-system rental time. Has never let me down and I hope Nokia continues making these fine phones that are durable and just do the job…with an FM radio of course!

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Rest in peace Larry Hagman. You will be missed

25/11/2012 Leave a comment

This is Larry Hagman as I remember him, as astronaut Tony Nelson, who finds a bottle on a beach on a remote island, freeing a 2000-year-old genie played by Barbara Eden. I used to catch this Sidney Sheldon comedy on TV every time I could because it was funny, and I suppose deep in side us, we have this fantasy of being granted three wishes from genies! I never used to watch Dallas. My mum and her friends used to watch it. It was not really my cup of tea. Larry Hagman died from cancer…and I can only imagine what his family is going through now because my father died of cancer too.

Rest in peace Larry. There is a saying: Live a life where you come into the world crying, and everyone is laughing and pass away, where you are laughing and everyone is crying. People are crying now because in real life, you were one helluva great guy. God bless you.

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Manchester United vs QPR

25/11/2012 Leave a comment

I was working last night when they showed the match so I caught most of the action on my mobile-phone, with my wife watching it live at home and giving me narrations via Whatsapp. Very uneventful first-half and in the second-half, QPR started the scoring first with a goal in the 51st minute. man was I pissed. But then, the magic happened. We are not labelled as the comeback kings for nothing. Manchester United later left QPR reeling as goals from Jonny Evans, Darren Fletcher and substitute Javier Hernandez secured their sixth comeback win in the league this season. Three goals in eight minutes.

I am happy that we won but I am a bit uncomfortable with these comebacks. Does it always have to be like this where we concede goals to give us motivation to strike? I surely hope not. But a win is a win nonetheless. Harry Redknapp, who just was appointed QPR manager, will have a lot on his hands to build it up again.

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