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Quake 3 Arena

There was a time when I was really into games like Quake. It happened when I was in University and back then, in the computer labs, we were playing Quake. It was simple to install and it even ran on the old Windows NT Workstations that we were running on. After we had finished all our assignments, its was Quake time! We often used to stay up late in the computer lab, just so that we could play Quake. We really took advantage of the then big pipe we had, which was a 2Mb leased line, which is paltry by today’s standards, to link to the outside world, so that we could “frag” and “gib” other players. We even ran a Quake server in the labs, running on Linux! When Quake 3 came out, we used to play it like crazy too! Some days, I wish I could play Quake again. Lovely game. You will get hooked if you play it for the first time too!

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