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Mackie SWA1501 subwoofer

I came across an event company, or rather, a sound rental company using these Mackie active subwoofers in a shopping centre in Singapore a couple of nights back. The sound system had already been stripped down and they were obviously waiting for the van or truck to come by so that they could load their speakers in it and go back. Interesting looking speakers…that is what I thought when I saw these. This is what these subwoofers have to offer, according to their website:

  • 500-Watt single 15” compact Active subwoofer system
  • Precision 15″ woofer with high temperature voice coil
  • 500-Watt continuous power FR Series high-current amplifier
  • Extremely powerful system capable of real, professional output levels
  • Onboard Active electronics provide equalization and high-pass filter for full-range loudpseakers.
  • 128dB Peak Output
  • Frequency Response 36 Hz–120 Hz
  • 13-ply Baltic Birch enclosure finished in black splatter paint
  • Cast aluminum side handles
  • Pole mount receptacle
  • Signal present and limit LEDs

Looks pretty average. There are better subwoofers out there in the market for a cheaper price too. I think I will pass on these.

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