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Fender Passport PD150 portable PA system

I was at the SITEX 2012 exhibition last week at the Singapore Expo. Lots of computers to see and lots of bargains to be had. I met up with a few of my friends who were there and we had a great time catching up. My friends were all emcees for various booths in the big exhibition and it seems that the main contractor had supplied them with these Fender Passport PA systems. Apparently they were all sick of these and I was surprised because Fender Passports have quite good ratings and I have actually used them before. Its only when I was passing some booths and I heard these babies being used. Terrible. Looks like they could not handle speech very well. They sounded distorted and I bet that people were getting terrible ear fatigue. If they did not, I surely was! sad really but after looking at the specs:

  • Speakers – One 5.25″ Woofer, Two 2.75″ Tweeters
  • Inputs – 2 Mic/Line inputs, 2 Stereo inputs
  • Power Handling – 150 Watts Class-D Power Amp
  • Channels – 4 (2 Mic/Line, 2 Stereo)

Does not look too powerful so maybe that is the reason why it sounded too distorted. 75 watts per channel. That ain’t much. Plus everyone was competing with each other to get people to patronise their respective stalls. Plus that Class-D amplifier and 5.25″ woofer. Hardly much air excursion. But then again, this is one of the smaller models of the Passport Series so I suppose that is all it can deliver. I bet my Yamaha Stagepas would trump these!

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