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Fixies @ Haji Lane

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I was in this shop at Haji Lane in Singapore and I saw some of these fixies on sale. Nice looking bikes but the components were not exactly the best. The pink bike in this picture did not have cranks on them so I think that some customer comes into the shop, sees the crank and persuades the shop owner to sell it to him. Now there is nothing wrong with that but to sell a bike without its original stock crank will turn some buyers off. In any case, this is not a bike shop per se, but merely a shop that caters to the fixie market, in a bohemian place like Haji Lane. There are two “bike-shops” there…this is one of them.

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Get some good quality 1/4″ phone jacks

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See this phone jack above? Its a good quality TRS phone jack that I personally use for my wireless microphone receivers. They are a bit expensive but they will last. It is the same thing for the 1/4″ jacks I use on my speakers. Quality phone jacks made by Whirlwind. They have lasted me more than 20 years and they are still going strong. So remember, do not scrimp when it comes to connectors. get some good quality stuff. It may cost a little more but in the long run, you will be thankful you spent that little bit extra.

Blu Jaz and the controversial graffiti

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There was a news report that this shop-house along Haji Lane in Singapore came under fire for having graffiti on it. It is owned by Blu Jaz, a rather popular nightspot in that area. The thing is, I think that this has been very tastefully done and I cannot see in any way how this impacts the external facade of the building. This building is located in a place where the arts are thriving and the people that complained about the graffiti would do well to realise how it has beautified the area. Honestly…some people are just morons

Being taken for a ride when installing pro audio

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I have seen it one too many times. Always when I have been called to fix certain audio issues with small businesses, I find out that they had been taken for a ride by the initial installer. I get mad when I see this because it is people like these that give us a bad name. Take a look at the picture above. This was a picture taken at a function room that I will be hiring to throw a party. The problem is that the amplifier, switcher and VGA distributor are all of questionable quality. You can very plainly see that the installer had bought cheap, knock-off stuff, probably from China and stuck some C.Audio stickers on them, a name that does not mean anything. He also must have charged the premises an arm and a leg for this, which is actually not professional audio equipment but more “hi-fi” grade audio. To those who are reading this…do not do that. This gives us all a black name in the market.

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Manchester United – 4, Newcastle – 3

27/12/2012 1 comment

One helluva match at Old Trafford today.. Even though we conceded a goal in the 4th minute, Evans equalised but sadly, scored an own-goal after that. That is how the first half ended…Manchester United 1, Newcastle 2. I was telling the wife that Sir Alex Ferguson was probably using the hairdryer on his players because when the second half came on, Evra scored! I remember telling my wife…what kind of game is this when the defenders are doing all the scoring? Unfortunately, Newcastle scored again…the fella Papisse Demba Cisse. So now it was Manchester United 2, Newcastle 3. Then Robin Van Persie scores a goal. I was jubilant! 3 – 3! I kept looking at the Sunderland vs Manchester City Match. Hmmm…looked like Sunderland were holding off Manchester City, winning by a goal to nil, a goal scored by none other than an ex-player who was considered “surplus” to them – Adam Johnson. But back to the Manchester United and Newcastle match. Chicharito kept pounding at the Newcastle goal. The little Mexican kept at it again and again and finally, in the 91st minute, he was rewarded with a goal! Manchester United 4, Newcastle 3! And that my friends is how it ended up, on a wet pitch that totally screwed up the game, leaving more than one player muddy. All I can say is, Glory Glory Manchester United!

Yamaha Stagepas 600i

26/12/2012 7 comments

If I have not wished you guys yet, please allow me to do so. Happy Boxing Day! I do not know why it is called Boxing Day, this day after Christmas. But I suppose it had something to do with getting rid of the boxes that the Christmas presents came in. Or it could be literally to “box” someone on the years…at least that is what I took it to be and merrily “boxed” people playfully. And speaking of being boxed, I was literally boxed by Yamaha when I found out about this new product to their Stagepas line…the Stagepas 600i.

I always knew that it would be a matter of time before Yamaha did an upgrade to their very popular Stagepas 500 series of portable PA systems. I just did not think it was going to come so soon. For the record, I have the Stagepas 500 and it is performing very well. So when I saw this, I started thinking to myself. What could Yamaha give to and improve upon the Stagepas 500 which is already very good? Well, lets take a look.

This is the mixer portion of the Stagepas 600i. It is still the same concept as the Stagepas 500, 300, 250 and 150 i.e. it fits neatly behind one of the speakers. There have been quite a few changes though. First of all, there is now a MID control on the equalization of each channel strip, versus a LO and HI that was on the Stagepas 500. Secondly, it has an iPod/ iPhone digital connection. What this means is that it can charge your iPhone/iPod and it can play music digitally through that very same USB port…by the looks of it. Thirdly, there is also the new and improved SPX digital reverb. On the Stagepas 500, there was only reverb and that was it. Now, one knob gives you access to four different high-quality reverb settings, perfect for vocals and acoustic instruments. Simply turn the knob to change the reverb type and time, and then you’re ready to apply just the right amount of high-resolution effect to each channel. Fourthly, there is something now called the 1-Knob Master EQ which basically is a new function that gives you instant mastery of the mix, allowing you to match your sound to your surroundings. Simply turn the knob to optimize the EQ for speaking engagements, musical performances, or just to kick in more bass. That sure beats the speech and music toggle switch that was on the Stagepas 500. Fifthly, it now has a feedback suppressor. What this function does is to remove feedback automatically with the push of a button. Some more details of this new mixer and its flexibility are, according to their website:

– Channel EQ
Assign detailed EQ settings to each channel for precise management of your final sound. Great sounding 2-band EQ on the STAGEPAS 400i and more flexible 3-band EQ on the 600i make setup easy and precise. Vocal and guitar performances especially will benefit from newly added mid-range control on 600i.

– Hi-Z switch
Connect acoustic-electric guitars and basses to enjoy high-quality performance with low distortion. Passive pickup instruments can be connected hassle-free, without a direct box.

– Switchable stereo/mono inputs
A versatile new feature that allows you to transform each stereo channel input into two independent mono inputs, giving you the flexibility to adapt to the needs of a broad range of performance requirements.

– Phantom power
Connect condenser microphones directly to STAGEPAS to get the best sound quality possible. Phantom power also means you won’t have to worry about DI boxes losing their charge during a performance.

– Reverb footswitch
For hands-free control of your reverb, connecting an optional footswitch allows you to turn the reverb on and off instantly—perfect for MC-ing events or speaking during solo performances.

– Monitor out
Expand your front-of-house system or set up a monitoring system by using the STAGEPAS together with other powered speakers such as Yamaha’s DXR lineup.

– Subwoofer out
Add more bottom end to your system by connecting a powered subwoofer such as the Yamaha DXS Series. Simply plugging in a subwoofer will assign a high-pass filter to the STAGEPAS speakers automatically.

As for the speakers, they are still the same size i.e 10″ woofer and 1.4″ voice coil with a better horn. But these babies can take some power. The amplifier in the mixer gives you a continuous of 280 watts per channel! Egads!

Highly tempted to get this, dear readers, but I already have the Stagepas 500 and it is serving me very well. Maybe in a year’s time, when this Stagepas is well, used, I will upgrade to these.

Wishing all a very Merry Christmas 2012

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I would like to take this opportunity to wish one and all a very Merry Christmas 2012.

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