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The Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 is a bloody inconvenience

Here I was, stranded along Mountbatten Road at 2am this morning, all because the Standard Chartered marathon was taking place. After some inquiries, I found out that the main person to blame for this is the bloody organiser, the Singapore Sports Council. What did they do? Simple. Blocked a whole FREAKING road when they could have just blocked off one lane. There are three lanes on that road. Why do you need to block all three? Here I was, trying to get back home. Had a long day, all I needed was some sleep and then I find out that some gerbils at either Standard Chartered or the Singapore Sports Council (I believe it is the latter) made the stupid and “kiasu” reason to close the whole freaking road at 2am in the morning. The result? Detour. On the slip roads to the ECP? Stopped again and asked to take another route. All for the sake of a bloody marathon. And I am not alone. Check out this blog called Running Sucks. They express my exact sentiments. Its all a commercial thing. Bastards

********** EDITOR’s NOTE **********

As of this morning, I have been in contact with the powers that be in the Standard Chartered Marathon committee and I can safely say that their replies have been perfunctory. The number I rang was as ineffective as a one-legged blind man in an arse-kicking contest. They kept putting me on hold and making me talk to a “supervisor” whose only words were like a broken record, repeating words that were not even worth repeating. I did some checking up and I found out that their CEO Lim Teck Yin is the one in charge and he is the one I point a finger at for inconveniencing us. His photo is located here

The second person worth mentioning is this chap called Faizal Othman. This is his picture here below. Poor fella is a Liverpool fan so I really feel sorry for him.

The witch hunt continues. Now another person from SSC is implicated. His name is Siva who was very hesitant of naming more people on the team for the Standard Chartered Marathon. When I asked Siva about Faizal Othman, he was very quick to say that this Faizal was on the medical team. I do not believe him.Why? A search on LinkedIn brought this up:

Honestly, this Siva guy is full of it. Once I find his picture on Google, he will be exposed.

********** EDITORS NOTE as of 3rd December 2012 **********

Apparently, a woman named Caroline from the Singapore Sports Council called me up with regards to my complaint. She was talking to me halfway when the line got cut off. That line-cut I blame on SingTel because their phone-lines are absolutely atrocious. In any case, before the line was cut, she claimed that the road was passable to traffic and that traffic was allowed through. So is SSC a back-pedalling corporation or are they suffering from lack of communication? More will be up when I get more.

********** EDITORs NOTE as of 4th December 2012 **********

I returned a call to Caroline, one of the team at the Singapore Sports Council. Apparently, my SingTel mobile phone decided to behave this time so we were able to carry on where I, uh, left off. She did admit that on hindsight, they could have been a bit too enthusiastic on closing the roads. She was very quick to blame it on Certis Cisco who supplied the AETOS guards to close the road. After telling her that Certis Cisco only takes orders from the event people, she changed tact. Typical SSC. In any case, I told her that this was going on record, for the whole world to see. If I encounter stupidity like this one more time, I go straight to their CEO, who incidentally, was with me in MINDEF.


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