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Harry Redknapp now manager of QPR

I will be honest here. It is know that I am a Manchester United fan and have been for years and there is only one football manager that I respect and that is Sir Alex Ferguson. There are others in the the Premier League that I like but they are few and far between. But one I respect and like is Harry Redknapp. He is a Cockney and from what I have read, a down-to-earth person who is capable of doing miracles at the clubs he managed. Portsmouth was one of them. He brought them up and made them a force to be reckoned with. Now he is manager of Queens Park Rangers. Was going to Loftus Road something he wanted? I would not know but I know for a fact that he loves a challenge. According to what was printed in The Telegraph, this is what he said:

“Portsmouth was a tough one, keeping them up when it looked like we were doomed. If I’d failed there, I probably wouldn’t be alive now. This is a tough one as well. We keep saying we have a good team but how do you end up with four points? It’s an embarrassing total for the players to have. They have to do better. They should be [embarrassed]. You can talk to players all day and those who aren’t playing will blame those who are playing. Those who are playing will blame somebody else. The manager [Mark Hughes] has got the sack and he’s an excellent manager. I’ve come to a good club here. I’ve met the people here and they’re good, nice, genuine people. They’re not ruthless people.”

Now do you see why I respect the man?

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