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I was looking for this wireless microphone set when I was buying a second WMS 40 Mini wireless system recently. For some reason, the shop I normally buy my stuff from did not have it. I would have loved to have this as it manages to fit two wireless microphones in one package. I have this microphone wireless set, but in a single package, called the WMS 40 Mini and would have loved to get this. A write-up of the features here is from the website here:

Unique HDAP (High Definition Audio Performance) technology ensures the best possible, most realistic sound at any time.
The SR 40 Mini2 receiver provides three status LEDs each for channels 1 and 2, indicating ON/OFF status, received signal strength (RF OK), and audio clipping (AF CLIP). The VOLUME control sets the level at the ¼” output jack. Each receiver comes with a universal 12-V switched mode power supply with EU, UK, and US adapters. The illuminated ON/OFF button switches both channels on and off simultaneously. The rugged HT 40 Mini handheld transmitter features an ON/OFF/MUTE switch and a sturdy wire-mesh cap protecting the cardioid dynamic microphone element. Battery life is the same legendary 30 hours off a single AA battery as for the standard WMS 40 models, reducing the need to replace batteries and thus saving real money in the long run. The system includes an SR 40 MINI2 receiver, 2 HT 40 MINI handheld transmitters, a universal power supply with US/UK/EU adapters, and 2 AA size dry batteries.

Pretty good eh? I know that it was priced very competitively. Its a shame really but then again, I already bought another AKG WMS 40 Mini so now, I have two wireless microphones. That ought to work well together.

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  1. Denis Neal
    02/03/2014 at 15:08

    Just bought the WMS 40 mini dual. Sounds good but the # 2 mic green RF lite stays on all the time even with the mic off.It doesn’t seem to make any sound. Even took battery out o mic #2 the lite still stays on.

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