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POSB: Neighbours first, bankers second – my ass

Here I was, lining up at the Post Office Savings Bank (POSB) and with a long queue of people, there were only two tellers available, out of a total of 6 available slots. These two ladies were doing their best to try and work fast but the queue just kept getting longer. I wonder where all the other tellers were. Once in a while, what looked like a supervisor came out to check something at one of the teller desks and then promptly disappeared into the back office. And both those ties, she had a face that looked like a bottle of vinegar. I waited in line for what was a good three quarters of an hour before I was served. The queue was so long that it even spilled out of the bank!

Come on POSB. If you really were neighbours first and bankers second, you would do something about this. Hire more tellers and when you do hire them, don’t hire the ones with sour faces. It does not bode well with impatient people already lining up for banking transactions.

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