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Whirlwind IMP2 DI box

31/01/2013 2 comments

I have had this Whirlwind DI box for about twenty years now…in fact, more than that. It is a very robust passive DI box and it still works flawlessly, even after twenty-two years! I am happy to say that this DI box will continue to provide many years more of sterling service. Whirlwind make good products and I stand by them.

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Apple cum mini-USB adapter

30/01/2013 Leave a comment

I bought this very useful adaptor from a small shop at the ground floor of my apartment. I have been using it to charge my phone and also my wife’s iPhone, on occasion. It works this way. There are two female USB ports. The curved arrows indicated on the picture above correspond to with USB port is connected to which adapter. So if you lose your adaptor for your iPhone, you can use a Blackberry adapter (the older ones, as what I am using) to charge your iPhone. Not too bad for $5!

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Starhub must think we are idiots…

29/01/2013 Leave a comment

I got this email from Starhub yesterday. Apparently, they have done a tie-up with other providers that are part of the Conexus Mobile Alliance or whatever that is to offer $15-per-day unlimited surfing while roaming overseas. So imagine if you are there for 10 days, $150 is what you must pay. You would be better off getting a prepaid-card in that country to do all the surfing you want and need. And a prepaid card is at a fraction of the cost from this $15-a-day roaming bullshit. My advice? Do not even THINK about utilising this Starhub “offer”.

Behringer Ultralink Pro MX882

28/01/2013 1 comment

I installed this in a club a couple of days back. The beauty of this device is that it is very simple to use and it is relatively inexpensive. Behringer have done it right by making an affordable splitter mixer that can rival the Rane SM26 that I covered earlier. According to Behringer’s website on this device:

Our compact signal distribution wizard has helped countless musicians and engineers solve diverse problems, whether as a splitter, line mixer or level conditioner. Regardless of your application, the MX882 keeps your signal paths short and clean. And its multiple matching amplifiers allow you to convert home-recording level to professional level and vice versa.

What i do not really like about this mixer is that only the first four channels are have XLR connections while the rest have 1/4″ TRS phone jacks. But then again, looking at the pic here, I do not think all XLR jacks would be able to fit behind the 19″ rack space of this unit. Worth the money and a good investment of you want to split your input signal to a few devices, like I had to do for that club. In essence, it does the job of a zoner too!

Lee Li Lian wins the Punggol East by-election

27/01/2013 Leave a comment

This photo shows the newly-elected Member of Parliament for Punggol East, Lee Li Lian and on the right is Sylvia Lim, the Worker’s Party chairperson. Lee Li Lian won the electorate with 16,038 votes. The PAP incumbent Koh Poh Koon, garnered 12,856 votes. The other two minority candidates, namely Kenneth Jeyaretnam of the Reform Party got only 353 votes and finally, Desmond Lim of the Singapore Democratic Alliance won only 168 votes.

This vote for the Workers Party shows that people want a stronger alternative voice in Parliament. Don’t follow leaders, watch the parking meters.

Fulham vs Manchester United

26/01/2013 Leave a comment

On Sunday morning at about 0130 hrs Singapore time, I will be watching Fulham taking on Manchester United. It will be an away game for Manchester United. I hope by then De Gea, who is facing a lot of criticism because of the game against Tottenham Hotspur, will avenge himself and prove that he is not worth the criticism. I will be watching the game with my lovely wife. Let us have a great time!

********** Editor’s Note **********

Looks like Rooney was stripped of his penalty-taking duties and Giggs slotted the penalty home after Manchester United were awarded one in the first few minutes of play. After that Rooney scored and Javier “Chicharito” Hernandez scored a brace. Manchester United were leading 4 – 0 until a consolation goal was scored by Aaron Hughes, making the score 4 – 1. Fitting end to an FA Cup weekend I must say!

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Singapore telcos are a greedy bunch

25/01/2013 3 comments

I have always thought about that point and after reading this article on CNET from blogger Michael Tan, I can fully empathize. One reason why I am sticking to my 12Gb 3G plan is because I have no reason to get LTE. LTE means a change of phone and my Motorola Defy is chugging along just happily. Plus if you change your plan to LTE, they will reduce the cap from 12Gb to 2Gb per month. Bunch of greedy buggers. I agree with what Michael says. All these Telcos (SingTel, M1 and Starhub) just want to milk us for more. And check out this article that was highlighted in his article. LTE is supposed to to be cheaper and more efficient!

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