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M1 outage today

The Singapore telco M1 posted this on their Facebook page today. Apparently, this happened 5 hours ago. Now, as I write this and when I last check their Facebook page, this is what I read, which was posted:

Looks like they still have not fixed it. I am truly amazed at this. Some questions need to be asked:

  1. Isn’t M1 prepared for “disasters” like these?
  2. Why are there no contingency plans?
  3. What about redundancy?
  4. Why is it taking such a long time to fix?

M1 is not a small company and if I recall, they faced a similar incident a couple of years back, in May 2011. Many were affected when a faulty card in their servers was responsible for the outage. When quizzed, their manager then for corporate communications said:

Further actions are being taken to enhance the robustness of our network elements.

Looks like that was an empty promise. Well done M1…well done.

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