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Wharfedale Pro R-2004FX mixer

I saw this Wharfedale Pro mixer in use during a road show a few days back. I did not have a good look at the system but I must say that after looking at the price of the mixer, I was basically sold. It can be acquired in Singapore for a very inexpensive price…almost too inexpensive. One would be having thoughts of caveat emptor ringing in their heads. Tell me. Where to find a 20 channel mixer like this for $302 Singapore dollars? Apparently, you can! So I might get this one but first, like all other cheap stuff, I have to do some research on it. These are the key features apparently:

  • 15 preset digital effects including Delay, Reverb, Chorus and Flange
  • 8 low noise, high headroom XLR mic Inputs
  • 4 pairs of balanced/unbalanced mono line inputs
  • 48V global phantom power
  • 3 band EQ in each input channel
  • 75Hz, 18dB/octave low cut filter on mic channels
  • ALT 3-4 extra stereo bus
  • 2 stereo EFX return
  • EFX to Main, ALT 3-4 and AUX1 switch
  • Balanced inputs and outputs
  • Peak and signal LED’s on mono channel
  • Two AUX send, Pre and Post fader switch on AUX1
  • Separate main mix, control room and headphone outputs
  • 2 track inputs with separate level control and assignable to main mix, control room and headphone outputs
  • Highly accurate, 10 segment bargraph meters
  • High quality 60mm faders
  • 19″ rack mounting kit included

And this even includes the mount-rack, something which other manufacturers will only thrown in as an option. It seems mighty tempting but I am going to do a bit more legwork to find out more about this mixer before I purchase it.

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