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Pressure cooker bombs at Boston Marathon

See that picture above? Yes. That is a pressure cooker. My mother has been using one for years to make delicious food like pressure-cooked chicken. Kentucky Fried Chicken uses huge ones to make their famous fried chicken. But here is a shocker. Pressure cookers like the one shown above may have been used as the main component of the bombs that caused so much carnage at the Boston Marathon. Hard to believe it really but that is the truth. Instead of a pressure cooker filled with delicious food, these were pressure cookers filled with projectiles like ball-bearings, making it a lethal weapon.These pressure cooker bombs were found at the end-point of the marathon. So far today, these Boston Marathon bombs have killed three and maimed many.

Apparently, pressure cooker bombs have been known for some time according to the FBI. Two people died in that horrific attack. I hope that the people responsible for these shameful acts are hunted down and fast.

********** EDITOR’S Note – 18th April 2013 **********

Boston Marathon bomb scene pictures taken by investigators show the remains of an explosive device. The photos were produced by the Joint Terrorism Task Force of Boston, provided to Reuters April 16, 2013 by a U.S. government official who declined to be identified. REUTERS

This bomb fragment was found at the scene, in this picture from The Times. It seems that this is part of the timer / detonator circuit. It looks like it used a rechargeable cell from the Tenergy company, a similar cell that is used in remote-controlled cars. I hope that the powers that be have managed to procure some leads from these bits of evidence and find the perpetrator.


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