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Mackie Thump TH-15A loudspeakers

I have seen these speakers used a lot in many a shopping centre, especially for road shows. These Mackie Thumps were originally made by a company named Tapco, a company that Mackie evolved from. However, in the many audio forums out there, many do not like these speakers, saying that they “run out of gas” pretty quickly. But these powered speakers come with a very nice price-point and many people who cannot afford the more expensive powered speakers will get these. From the Mackie website, here are the specs:

  • 400W of ultra-efficient Fast Recovery™ amplification (LF 300 watts peak Class-D Power, HF 100 watts peak Class A/B)
  • High-output transducers (15″ woofer and 1″ compression driver)
  • User-adjustable 3-band contour EQ with sweepable mid-frequency
  • Mic/Line input for direct connection of single microphone
  • Tough, impact-resistant polypropylene enclosure
  • Pole-mountable and floor wedge-able
  • Extremely lightweight and portable (36 lbs)

So as can be seen, they do not use Class-D for the highs and the lows, preferring to use it for the lows and it does not have much power, from what I can see, for a 15″ speaker. But I was pleasantly surprised to find out that when the music was played at a low volume, they sounded pretty good. They had nice lows and the sound was pretty crisp. I suppose what those people in the audio forums did not like about these speakers and that is they are not powerful enough. They are right. The specifications of the speaker shows this fact. But if you are just getting started in audio rentals, this will do fine for a low-powered setup, although I would get something that can handle more power for dinner and dances.

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