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Gemini CDMP-1400 1U professional CD player

I am looking for a CD player to put in my rig but unfortunately, there does not seem to be one around in Singapore that is 19″ rack-mountable. All people sell down here are normal CD players without any rack ears. If you call up the authorised distributors of some of the brands that have suv=ch CD players, they will tell you to wait for 4 weeks before any is brought in. This gets bloody irritating for most event companies so what they do is to by a 19″ shelf for their flightcases and then attach a normal DVD player to it or even better, attach 19″ DIY ears to their existing CD players.

In any case, all bitching aside. I saw this Gemini CD player, the CDMP-1400 and I was hooked. Look at the picture above. It comes with balanced XLR outputs. That means that this thing is almost good enough for studio use. Besides playback for CDs and MP3s, it comes along with a USB input for connection of USB storage devices, making it easy to play MP3 and WAV files directly from a thumb drive. And, it comes with a remote control, as can be seen in the picture above!

These are the features, as given on the Gemini website:

  • Slot-in CD/MP3 player
  • Audio CD, CD-R & MP3 CD compatible
  • Plays MP3 and WAV files from USB storage device*
  • Balanced XLR outputs, RCA Line output and Record output
  • ¼-inch front mic input, rear Combo XLR and ¼-inch mic input
  • IR Remote control
  • Anti-shock using RAM buffer memory
  • Multifunction scroll knob for MP3 folder navigation
  • Auto BPM readout
  • Instant-start & cue with preview
  • Single & continuous play modes
  • Seamless loop with reloop
  • Pitch bend buttons and rotary knob
  • Two mode time selection
  • Frame accurate search
  • Bright VFD display
  • Variable pitch control with three settings: +/- 8,16 & 24%

I like this. The pitch control makes it even more desirable. And you can even attach a microphone to it! Pretty good for a 1U CD player!

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