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Cerwin-Vega! CVM-1022 mixer

There is a person trying to sell this Cerwin-Vega! mixer for $150 in a local forum here. I have used Cerwin-Vega! products before but the products that I have used have always been speakers, never mixing boards. I may be wrong, but I think that Cerwin-Vega! only started making mixers fairly recently. On hindsight, this 10-channel mixer is very similar in size and function as the Yamaha MG102C mixer that I reviewed fairly recently. I have never used this particular mixer before so I cannot tell you about its performance. I will list the specifications and features though so you can make an informed decision. Details can be found in the Cerwin-Vega! website here.

  • 3-Band channel equalizer providing ±15 dB (HF, LF) and ±12 dB (MF) per channel
  • Peak LED indicator to check on the signal input of each microphone channel
  • Individual channel and main level control
  • Gain (trim) level control with sensitivity markings for both microphone and line inputs
  • Low Cut (HPF) switch @75Hz to eliminate background microphone rumble
  • AUX and EFX controls to adjust the level of the signal sent to the respective bus
  • PAN control (mono channel) to position the signal across the master left and right bus
  • BALANCE control (stereo channel) to adjust the level between left and right signals
  • Switch-able Phantom power (+48V) switch for safe and easy connection of condenser microphones
  • Level control for headphone and control room connections

Not too bad really but then again, all these low-budget mixers have similar features. Then it all boils down to price and after-sales service. I like Yamaha because they have a service centre here in Singapore and they always give a 1-year warranty. Another thing about this mixer is the fact that there is no mention of rack-mount ears anywhere so it looks like you either have to make your own rack-mounts or not rack-mount it at all. Personally? I would go for the Yamaha.

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