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Does StarHub Cares really care at all?

This is their Facebook page and this is the place where Starhub sends people, asking them to write in with their grievances against Starhub. And this is the funny thing….you can write in all you want…you can send as many posts as you want but nothing gets done. How do I know this? Funny you should ask. I will tell you a story

About a year ago, my Starhub Mobile Broadband was having issues with regards to playing videos from YouTube. Apparently, videos being played from Youtube were considered P2P browsing which was disallowed. What happened is that they throttled my bandwidth and as a result, when I was trying to show a client some videos I made for his firm, on my laptop with the afore-mentioned Starhub dongle attached, let us say that it was jerky. My client, a foreigner here, just laughed and jokingly asked if I had paid my bill. In any case, I apologised to my client and called up Starhub to complain, only to to be sent to this page. Writing in the whole story and what do I hear from Starhub? Zero. Zilch. Nada. So I call them up and blast them on the phone and finally, some manager comes over but cannot give me a satisfactory explanation. Long story short, they told me that they would check with their back-end to make sure I was not throttled again.

This is just one story. I could tell you more but I would have to write a book. maybe I will one day.

In any case, they also have a Twitter account, aptly named @StarHubCares and if you think that they will solve your issue when you write to that one, fat hope. You will still get zero, response-wise.

So ask yourself…is it worthy to write in to a portal like this? Do not waste your time. Go down to the head-office would be a better way. Its a time waster in my opinion. Another way would be to open a blog and write about it, like what I am doing now. The world deserves to know about this ridiculous telco from Singapore. And I can almost hear someone asking me to change to a different provider. I would but the other providers / telcos are just as shitty, with their own issues. In Singapore, when you switch telcos, it is like going from Shit A to Shit B. Go figure

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