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Windows Blue

Windows 8 was supposed to be the operating system that would make or break Microsoft but it did not go as planned. Trust Microsoft to dispel with some of the things that made Windows 8 unpopular. They are releasing Windows 8.1 soon, aka Windows Blue. And if various reports and rumours are to be believed, it’s coming out as soon as June or July. Some things that will be improved on will be the return of the Start button. Now I do not know about you guys but I hated the boot-up to the bloody Metro screen on Windows 8. It was a pain in the arse, having been so used to the Start button that had been there since Windows 95. What Microsoft apparently failed to see is that no one wants to waste productivity hours trying to launch their applications and such. People will methodically look for the damn Start button and get on with their Windows life on the computer. It will also boot up to the desktop, bypassing the afore-mentioned Metro screen. It will come as a free upgrade to Windows 8 users apparently

Well, there are all sorts of rumours out there. Let us see how these rumours take shape.



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