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China lasers

30/06/2013 Leave a comment

I have to admit…for the price, these China-made laser lights are pretty good but there is a warning…like all lasers, do not look at them or your eyesight will be severely affected. There are places in Singapore that need you, the owner of such lasers, to have them licensed. I personally get a headache looking at these lasers and as a result, I do not buy them nor wish to own any of them.

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QSC PowerLight 3 Series PL380 power amplifier

29/06/2013 Leave a comment

I am hearing a lot of positive things about this QSC amplifier. I am no stranger to QSC and their excellent amplifiers. I was spinning in a cub 20 years ago that had QSC MX-series amplifiers and those babies kicked serious butt. I used a QSC amplifier last year to do a sound check last year, powering a pair of huge subwoofers and the damn thing did not even blink when pushed. This is what QSC is famous for…great amplifiers that can take a beating and come back for more.  According to their website, about this PL380 power amplifier:

The PowerLight™ 3 Series is designed for the most demanding live audio users, whether in touring rigs or fixed installations. The most requested features of the PowerLight 2 series have been upgraded to deliver “the ultimate analog amplifier”, while the QSC Dataport ensures full compatibility with advanced digital processing and™. Three models range in power from 1250 watts to 4000 watts per channel at two ohms, all in two-rack space chassis that are only 15.6″ (40 cm) deep and 22 lbs (10 kg).

That explains a lot about what this amplifier can do. The PL380 is a Class D amplifier. I am no fan of Class D but I will make the exception for some, like the powered mixer driving my Yamaha Stagepas speakers. The specifications of this power amplifier series are as follows:

  • PowerLight switchmode power supply for highest efficiency and improved audio performance
  • Flow-thru air path and solid aluminum heat sinks for maximum cooling
  • DataPort supports remote computer control and/or external DSP-4 modules
  • Detented gain controls with 1 dB steps for precise calibration
  • Removable knobs with lock-out security plate to prevent unauthorized tampering
  • User defeatable clip limiters and selectable low-frequency filter per channel (3 Hz, 30 Hz, or 50 Hz)
  • Three selectable input gains (26 dB, 32 dB, or 1.2 V)
  • Front and rear panel LEDs indicate status of switch settings at a glance
  • Parallel Dataport, XLR/M and XLR/F connectors for simple loop-through connectivity
  • Neutrik Speakon® and “Touch Proof” binding post outputs
  • Neutrik Powercon® power cable remains secure on the road
  • 3 year warranty, plus optional 3 year extended service contract

The PL380 can deliver 1500 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 2500 watts per channel into 4 ohms and 4000 watts per channel into 2 ohms. Egads! Pretty good specifications but quality like this does not come cheap. But by and large, it is a great investment and I am pretty sure that you will be happpy with QSC, should you decide to invest in their power amplifier. I know I was convinced over 20 years ago.

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MXL V67G Large Capsule Condenser Microphone

28/06/2013 Leave a comment

There seems to be a lot of manufacturers coming up with el-cheapo condenser microphones nowadays. The reason I say they are el-cheapo is because they are not as expensive as the top-end condenser mikes like those made by Neumann, AKG and the like. One thing that makes them cheap is that these are probably made in China, and microphones like these only have one polar pattern, and that is cardioid. As far as I am concerned, this would be great for some vocals, as an overhead drum-kit microphone or even as a sidefill microphone. Given the large size of its condenser diaphragm, and its relatively cheap price, it should be pretty attractive. But it does not have the robustness of a good dynamic cardioid microphone like the good old SM58. It is relatively expensive here in Singapore…going for about $250 at one online retailer. Personally? I would not get it. If I had a recording studio, I would probably get those real condenser microphones with many polar pattern choices. Flexibility is the key.

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Ecler MAC 6-2 E DJ mixer

27/06/2013 1 comment

I hated this Ecler mixer. To me, this had to be the ultimate worst-of-the-worst mixers to use. For one thing, the fader sliders were horrible. They could not take much abuse and after a while, they started to bleed. There were times when I had to work with this in the club. I just had to grin and bear with it but the first thing I would do was to request for another mixer. I am glad that Ecler is is not making this POS mixer anymore. I swear if I ever have to do a gig and this mixer is in the rig, I would chuck it out!

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Samsung getting out of the PC business

26/06/2013 Leave a comment

I read this article yesterday and I thought to myself that I have never seen a Samsung PC in my life. I mean, I have seen their notebooks, I have admired some of them and even came mighty close to buying one of them but alas it was not to be. Then I saw this picture on this website and saw that it looks pretty clean. So apparently, Samsung did indeed make PCs but I have never seen them in Singapore, in the midst of all the HPs, Acers and Dells. Interesting. I learnt something new today.

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Hailstorm in Singapore earlier this afternoon

25/06/2013 Leave a comment

There is this chap on Facebook named Andy Giger who captured this hailstorm outside the Singapore Science Centre this evening. Pretty scary stuff I must admit. Seems that the hail stones only hit the western side of Singapore. But that aside, the rain (that accompanied the hail stones) was a welcome relief from the heat of these two days. Apparently, many cars were damaged by the hail and some trees were felled by the storm. Memorable day in Singapore folks! From haze to hail!

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Black Kuwahara KZ1 BMX bike

25/06/2013 2 comments

Back in the early 80s, when I was serious about BMX, Kuwahara BMX bikes were the way to go in Singapore. They were relatively inexpensive, and reeked of good quality, Japanese-made Tange steel. We all had our choice of colours back then. maybe it became like an extension of our personality. Me? I did not have a Kuwahara BMX bike till much later in 1984. But this black-coloured KZ1 model was the bike that I really lusted after. All my bike, if I had any say in it, were black…all stealth. My friend had a bike like this and I really wished that it belonged to me. I saw this posting on Ebay fairly recently and I would have bought it if the seller, who lives in the USA, was willing to ship it to Singapore. But then again, the terms and conditions of the sale stipulated that it was for sale only in the USA. Oh well, until then, I will carry on dreaming.

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