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China bans internet searches for ‘big yellow duck’

Some prankster did a mock-up of a famous picture that was taken in 1989 during the Tiananmen Square Massacre in Beijing, substituting the tanks for yellow ducks. According to The Australian:

The picture, a parody of the iconic “Tank Man” photograph of a civilian staring down a long row of tanks, circulated yesterday, the 24th anniversary of the Tiananmen protests’ suppression.

A large yellow duck artwork is currently on display in Hong Kong, and imitations have been put up in several mainland cities.

Sina Weibo, China’s most popular microblogging site, blocked searches for “yellow duck”, with attempts to do so returning a message reading: “Due to relevant laws and regulations … the search result is not displayed.”

Other search terms banned by the service include “1989” and numerical formulae such as “63 + 1”, used to refer to the date of the crackdown — “6.4” in US-style date order, which is also blocked.

But then again, Internet censorship is rife in China, with their Great Firewall Of China

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