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Callzones in Singapore


We take mobile phones for granted nowadays. Back in the day, before the advent of mobile-phones in Singapore, there were callzones, as depicted by the sign above. If you had a zone phone, which in essence was a mobile phone that could only be used in callzones, you were mobile but only just. You could only use that zone phone around the callzone area. This technology lasted from 1990 till about 1997. The other limitation of the zone phone was that they could not take incoming calls, only outgoing ones. So, in essence, if you had a radio pager, and if someone paged for you, you could either hunt around for a public phone or if you had a zone phone, you had to hunt around for a call zone. I remember that there was even a zone phone model that included a pager built into the phone. This all ceased in 1997 when M1 entered telco industry here in Singapore and all of a sudden, SingTel lost the mobile telephone monopoly. Now almost everyone has a mobile phone but back then, this was all we had.

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