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Mini receiver amplifier

Just the other day, I was in this restaurant of sorts and saw this mini receiver amplifier. This thing is special. You have got to hand it to the China manufacturers…they sure know how to cram all sorts of features into an amplifier like this and being a China product, I can surmise that it is cheap, or in a more polite term, affordable. There is very little information I can glean of this unit from the Internet but I managed to find a page and it lists its specifications

The inputs of this tiny amplifier are staggering. First of all, there is a FM tuner frequency knob. Yes, that big knob in the center of the unit. It functions like a tuning knob in those old transistor radios. There is no dial to let you know what station you have chosen so it is literally the luck of the draw or in this case, luck of the ear. The other input looks like either an SD card or USB input. So imagine if you plug a thumb-drive full of MP3s, you can playback you selection by plugging it into this amplifier. The third input is a DVD input. The selection knob is on the far right of this picture

This is a picture from the rear of the unit. Notice the LINE output. Now this is useful if you want to hook this up to say, a mixing console…for usage in a bar where USB thumb-drives filled with MP3s provide the music. You can also hook speakers up to this amplifier as well but the power output is tiny. It is only about 20 watts per channel so if you hook them up to a big speaker system, you ain’t gonna make much of a dent in them. This particular amplifier I saw were powering a pair of Yamaha outdoor speakers. They sounded pretty good too!

There is a saying…one learns new things every day. I certainly did learn something new. This could be useful for future installations.

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