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Rest in peace Dr Amar Bose

Back in the 70s, when I used to go to my friend’s house, I saw that his dad had a pair of very unique-looking hi-fi speakers. I had never seen anything like them before. Its only later, much later, that I realised that the speakers I saw at my friend’s place were in fact Bose 901 speakers.

In the 80s, when I was heavily involved in the DJ world, there were times when we had to use Bose speakers, namely the professional series 802s, the 402s and the 302s. Some people hated them, thinking that they sounded terrible. They may have been right but I know for a fact that when we used his speakers for general speech (like installations in churches and the like) they sounded really good. I once worked in a pub that used his speakers and nothing but his speakers…the famous Bose 802s.

In the 90s, when I wanted to buy a pair of speakers for general use, the first thing that came to mind were Bose 802s. I do not know why they were the first to spring to my mind but they were.

That is the legacy left behind by Dr Amar Bose, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He also set up Bose Corporation and was responsible for all those speakers and much more like the Bose Waveradios and Acoustimass series.

All of us have used his systems at some points in our careers. I cannot vouch for the Acoustimass series (which were garbage) but the Bose Professional systems (402s, 802s, L1s) and the Bose hi-fi speakers (901s) I have used either at house parties or in function rooms. Love them or hate them, we cannot help but marvel at the products, and the man behind them. Rest in peace Dr Bose. The DJs will miss you.

Thanks to Gizmodo for the picture above

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