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Wharfedale Pro Delta 12 speakers

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I am quite impressed with this Delta 12 speakers from Wharfedale Pro. But to be honest, I have never seen or heard these in operation but I dare say it is pretty good. According to their website, the Delta 12 uses a high output, low distortion 12” cast frame woofer with a 3” voice coil. A 2” titanium compression driver is coupled to 90°x45° elliptical waveguide for smooth HF dispersion. A 3″ voice coil means that the woofer can take some pounding and being able to handle 800 watts program and 1600 watts at its peak, its not too bad. Sensitivity is 97dB and it has a maximum SPL of 129dB. That is pretty impressive but to be honest, I have heard about other speakers being able to deliver this and more, at this price range. The Yamaha Club Series for instance can do just that but according to the specs, it lags this Wharfedale Pro Delta 12. Another thing to bear in mind is that the material for the Yamaha C112 cabinets is particle board but the Wharfedales are made out of plywood. That is why they are a little bit heavier and more solidly built. But I have actually heard the Yamaha C112 series perform, and when coupled with the P-series amplifiers, its capable of some sweet sound. But then again, Wharfedale has been making speakers for many years, as has Yamaha. Both of them are revered with churning out good quality stuff. Like I always say…decisions, decisions.


Sentosa Cove

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I was at a client’s place fixing his computer and network. He lives with his family at Sentosa Cove. I have to admit, the place where it is and the view is absolutely breathtaking. The houses here are not cheap. Try nothing below $8 million dollars for a house! And on a 99-year lease too! But I am very happy with my place at present. It’s centrally located and near the sea too.

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Nobody cares, Starhub

29/08/2013 2 comments

I got this from the Starhub Facebook page. There were lots of people giving their two cents in the Facebook page and Starhub does not want to face reality. The fact is, the older subscribers have a 12Gb data cap but if they re-contract, Starhub will slash it to a smaller cap…as small as 500Mb sometimes. But you know what these idiots try to do? What it says in the advertisement above…unlimited calls and SMSes. Is that their answer to to get people to sign up? To get them off apps that allow free calls and text messages? Apps like Whatsapp and Viber? I tell you guys…read the fine-print BEFORE you re-contract or there goes your data cap. Remember that article I wrote in my blog, about this blogger that described Singapore telcos as “a greedy bunch?” What does this tell you?

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

Oh and before I forget. I was using my mobile broadband for the greater part of today. All of a sudden, the speed gets real slow. Its crawling at a snails place. I cannot even watch YouTube videos nicely. What Starhub does sometimes is to royally throttle your account. Yes. They do that and they have admitted as much to me. I do not know why these buggers do that but they do. I want to find out if they are throttling my mobile broadband so what do I do? I call up the number at 1633. After waiting for like forever to get through to to a customer service representative, I get throughand get asked the usual security questions like my name and NRIC number. After that, I tell them the issue. She CSR states that she would put me through to an engineer. Another wait, with the very familiar irritating music playing, I get through to some cretin who states that he is unable to help me because he is in the MaxOnline department. What a bunch of wankers. So he tells me that there are no MaxMobile engineers online and he will have to arrange a callback. He says that it will be in an hour but I am not holding my breath. So here I sit, with a severely crippled connection, waiting for these idiots to give me a call back. maybe I should change the title of this post to nobody cares at Starhub

Fan for cooling the Yamaha Stagepas

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Just the other day, I was doing an event and I had to set up my equipment under direct sunlight. That was not very good for my Yamaha Stagepas which tripped twice due to thermal shut-down. I realised that I needed to get some kind of cooling system for it to prevent it happening again. So yesterday, I went over to Sim Lim tower and purchased an AC fan

I bought this SUNON SF23092A AC fan for all of $10. It’s a small mini-fan that I am going to put on my Stagepas 500 to draw out the hot air that was causing it to go into thermal protection shutdown in the hot, direct sunlight. Now all I have to do is to set it up so that its easy to plug into the power supply. I have lots of wires in my junkbox so it looks like I am gonna do some modifications later.

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Manchester United vs Chelsea

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In two hours from now, we will be facing Chelsea. It will be the first time the managers have faced each other as managers of new clubs: David Moyes for Manchester United and Jose Mourinho for Chelsea. It should be interesting to see how this breaks out. The game will be played at Old Trafford, giving us the home team advantage. I will update the final score later today when I get the final result. Glory Glory Manchester United!

********** Natch review **********

The final score was 0 – 0. Both Manchester United and Chelsea had to settle for a point. There were some close calls with Robin Van Persie almost scoring in the dying minutes of the game. Wayne Rooney played very well, which is one of the reasons why we still want to hold on to him. No yellow cards for Manchester United players but there were two for the Chelsea players. The most important thing is, we did not lose but in all honesty, we would have preferred a win

Air Wick automatic air-freshner dispenser

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A few weeks back, I was tasked to set up a sound-system in a bar. I came across this old, discarded automatic air-freshner made by this company called Air Wick. It was old, looked beat-up so I think that is why the new owners of this bar were throwing it away. But given the curious person that I am, I wanted to see how this thing worked. So I put it in my bag and brought it home so that I could disassemble it and see what makes it tick. I did not expect it to work but after inserting two AA cells, the thing fired up! So what I went to a shop quite close to my house where they sell generic air-freshner refills that cost a fraction of the Air Wick ones and put one inside. Now I have an air-freshner in my house that is automatic and fills my house with a nice lemon fragrance. Cheers to Air Wick!

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IP66 13 ampere waterproof socket

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When my mum and dad shifted to another house in 1988, we found a switch like this at the rear of the house. The then new house had these installed by contractors, presumably for washing machines and the like. Fast forward 25 years later. My mother called me up one day and said that the socket was not working anymore. What could be wrong, I wondered. Then I realised that after 25 years, I think some things can wear out. I must say that it had a good run. So I bought a new one and installed it in its place. This is the one that I installed and the washing machine is running as good as it ever could with this new switch. I love external switches like these. They are built tough to weather the external elements like sun and rain and last a long time.

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