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Problems with Behringer mixing desk

I am a bit upset with Behringer Singapore and this mixing desk. This is a desk installed in a club, where a friend of mine is the owner. This desk is pretty new…but its already giving issues. First of all, the EFX units. Even when they are preset, they have to be re-calibrated when the mixer is turned off. There is an issue with the battery I suppose. Also, channels 23 and 24 is having issues. Only the left channel works. Sometimes you have to give the mixer a little thump before it outputs to the stereo bus. So what I did was to take the inputs on the stereo channels 23 and 24 and route it to the channels 9 and 10, pan it hard left and hard right and run the EQ flat. After I did that, I found that the feed is much better, sounds nicer and there is less distortion. I am happy with it now but the owner of this mixer still upset with the service of Behringer Singapore. No matter how many times he calls them to come down to fix it, they will not come. I am staying away from Behringer mixing boards. Stick with a good brand like Yamaha and you will never go wrong.

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