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Nobody cares, Starhub

I got this from the Starhub Facebook page. There were lots of people giving their two cents in the Facebook page and Starhub does not want to face reality. The fact is, the older subscribers have a 12Gb data cap but if they re-contract, Starhub will slash it to a smaller cap…as small as 500Mb sometimes. But you know what these idiots try to do? What it says in the advertisement above…unlimited calls and SMSes. Is that their answer to to get people to sign up? To get them off apps that allow free calls and text messages? Apps like Whatsapp and Viber? I tell you guys…read the fine-print BEFORE you re-contract or there goes your data cap. Remember that article I wrote in my blog, about this blogger that described Singapore telcos as “a greedy bunch?” What does this tell you?

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

Oh and before I forget. I was using my mobile broadband for the greater part of today. All of a sudden, the speed gets real slow. Its crawling at a snails place. I cannot even watch YouTube videos nicely. What Starhub does sometimes is to royally throttle your account. Yes. They do that and they have admitted as much to me. I do not know why these buggers do that but they do. I want to find out if they are throttling my mobile broadband so what do I do? I call up the number at 1633. After waiting for like forever to get through to to a customer service representative, I get throughand get asked the usual security questions like my name and NRIC number. After that, I tell them the issue. She CSR states that she would put me through to an engineer. Another wait, with the very familiar irritating music playing, I get through to some cretin who states that he is unable to help me because he is in the MaxOnline department. What a bunch of wankers. So he tells me that there are no MaxMobile engineers online and he will have to arrange a callback. He says that it will be in an hour but I am not holding my breath. So here I sit, with a severely crippled connection, waiting for these idiots to give me a call back. maybe I should change the title of this post to nobody cares at Starhub


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