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Telco M1 fined for service disruption in January

This is a screen-grab of an article that appeared in Today Online…today. This was a fine levied on M1 because of a massive outage in January that left lots of people in a lurch. According to the article:

SINGAPORE — M1, the smallest local telco, has been hit with the biggest penalty yet for such a company here: A record S$1.5 million fine for a mobile service outage that affected about 250,000 of its subscribers.

The Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), which investigated the Jan 15-18 incident, said: “M1 had not fulfilled its obligation to provide resilient mobile telephone services.”

In a statement yesterday, the authority also announced that it will be implementing a new audit framework to review the “resiliency of the mobile networks” regularly and will work with the telcos to ensure minimal disruptions to consumers.

That is great news because I think our telcos here are really getting out of hand. I have said before that it is fruitless switching from one telco to another when you suffer from bad service from your current telco. Its like switching from Shit A to Shit B. I am currently with Starhub and admittedly, while it has not had a massive disruption like what M1 had, they have their bouts of bad service, such as throttling my connection on my mobile broadband. Happened to me twice.

So M1 got what they deserved, in my honest opinion. Starhub, if you are not careful, you will be getting this too…a big fine.

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