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Mackie SRS1500 powered subwoofer

A few days back, at an event I was attending, the subwoofer in the premises decided to go titsup. So we called people like crazy trying to get a subwoofer rented for the night to replace the dead one. In the end, a kind soul from KSP AVL Pte Ltd named Shiva brought one down to the premises and duly hooked it up to the “dead” subwoofer in the premises, that was by now having intermittent signs of life. This sub immediately did its duty and before long, all was ok. I was not satisfied with the sound though. The Turbosound Milan M15s sounded like junk after but what people wanted was heavy bass and this sub was able to deliver. From Mackie’s website, these are the features:

  • High 127dB SPL
  • 600 watts RMS of FR Series™ high current amplification
  • 15cast frame RCF LF transducer with 3inside/outside-wound, high-temperature voice coil & High Flux magnetic circuit (whatever that means)
  • Built-in electronic stereo/mono high pass crossover network
  • Can be used with active or passive speaker systems

Apparently, these subs have been replaced by a newer model, the SWA1501 and can no longer be found on the market. But I can tell you, I was impressed.

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