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Marantz SR6007 7.2 stereo receiver

Some time back, I mentioned that I repaired some speakers in a pub that were powered by the excellent Marantz SR6006. By coincidence, two days back, I was asked to install this Marantz SR6007 receiver in another pub, run by the very same group. I was surprised when I saw this because I did not know that Marantz had done an update on the previous model but apparently, they had. It looks the same as the previous model. Apparently, this is able to deliver 110 watts with both channels driver, according to their website. I suppose this is true because when I hooked it up to four speakers (small ones) it sounded really powerful. Only issue I had with this, and many other 7.2 receivers, is that I have to turn up the volume quite a fair bit to make some sound come out of the speaker. Imagine this. I hooked up the speakers, plugged in an iPod, and no sound comes out. I thought that the damn receiver was broken so after a lot of troubleshooting and that is when the penny dropped. I remembered that I had installed a Yamaha receiver some time back and I had to turn the volume up quite a fair bit. So that is what I did…turn the volume up. And after I did that…oh the sound!

Next time, I am going to recommend them to buy a stereo receiver, not a home theatre one because honestly? All that DSP processing is wasted when all they wanna do is play music.

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