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Riots in the Serangoon Road area in Singapore

All this happened last night. It was a sad day for Singapore. Apparently, what started the riots was that a bus ran over a foreign worker and the crowd in Little India just went wild. When a Civil Defence team was dispatched there to try to retrieve the body out from under the bus, they were pelted with projectiles from the angry mob. Then the mob went crazy, as you can see in the video. At the end of this episode, several cars were set on fire and some people were hurt.

What caused it? I really cannot speculate. But I must say that there is deep-rooted unhappiness within, for those foreign workers to riot like that. A simple call to the police would have sufficed for that accident but there is a threshold to everything and they just snapped.

While we are on the subject of those Little India riots, check out what this Mediacorp Radio DJ, some idiot named Dee Kosh, posted on his Twitter feed:

Honestly…that is just low. People lost their lives, there is anarchy and this is what he posts. I would have expected something better from a Mediacorp DJ. Not good Dee Kosh…not good.

Well, let us just hope that we all learn a lesson from these riots.

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