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Shure drum microphone kit

A couple of months back, while setting up for an event at the Shangri-La hotel Singapore, I came across this drum microphone kit from Shure. Now. I am from the old school. Back in the day, we had various microphones of various brands that we used to hook up the different toms on the drums. For the kick, we would use an AKG D12. For the toms, we would use Sennheiser MD-421s. For the snare, we would use Shure SM57s. But now, these all come in a set, with the relevant clips and all. I must say that it is a welcome relief because we are not carrying different microphones and their accompanying stands around. Maybe when I expand my audio company, I will get one of these microphone sets.

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  1. M Octavio C Glez
    29/01/2018 at 06:00

    are originals?

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