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Does POSB stand for Piece Of Shit Bank?

Seriously? That is what I think it stands for, given the fact that they outright LIED to me about the serviceability of their automated passbook updating machines near my office. The last time my passbook could not be updated on the two machines, both located next to each other, I was told by their customer service manager that it was a printer ribbon issue. Really now. On both freaking machines? That’s a bit rich isn’t it? Imagine my annoyance when I went down yesterday evening to update my passbook. Same freaking thing happened. Cannot update my book on BOTH machines. So what is going on?

The reason I feel this way is that there used to be a POSB branch near my office, where the machines were located. They conveniently closed that branch and now that branch is just one empty space that is not utilised. If there is a problem with my passbook, I have to take it to another branch some distance away…about a couple of kilometres away. I was promised by the customer service personnel that this would NOT happen again. But then again…they are bankers…and I do not trust bankers…not one bit.

POSB. Post Office Savings Bank. Maybe they should rename themselves. And I know just the name to give them.

Neighbours first, bankers second. Yeah…right!

********** Status update **********

I had a call from a customer service manager from the DBS bank, which owns POSB. His replies were bordering on useless. All he said is that he would leave some feedback. Hell. Anyone can read feedback. These bloody cretins will not do anything and you can bet that I will continue to receive shoddy service. Maybe its better if I catch up with their CEO directly.

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