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Electro-Voice ELX115 speakers

Slightly more than a week ago, I was doing an event and the sound company supplied these Electro-Voice ELX115 loudspeakers. Now, I am no stranger to these speakers as I have used the powered version of these speakers, the ELX115P at a party earlier this year. I have to admit that I have a grudging respect for Electro-Voice and their offerings as this speaker was pretty nice sounding, with great highs and very noticeable lows, unlike many other speakers I have used. It was paired up to an Electro-Voice Q1212 power amplifier. I went online to find out more and these are the features:

  • EVS-15K woofer
  • 1.5-inch DH-1K titanium HF compression driver
  • 50 Hz – 20 kHz frequency range
  • 90° x 50° coverage-pattern waveguide
  • 60° Monitor Angle
  • 134 dB max SPL
  • Power handling: 400 W continuous, 1600 W peak
  • Braced 15mm plywood enclosure
  • Pole mount or stack with Live X Subwoofers
  • Black textured finish

I felt that the speakers could really take a pounding and I am sure that given the right amplifier, it could take much more. The Q1212 amplifier did well but something more powerful would be welcome in this situation. One good thing about it is that the speaker cabinets are made of plywood, which to me is very important. I have no idea what is the voice-coil diameter of the woofer as Electro-Voice does not mention it in their specifications but from what I heard, it must be a 2″ voice-coil at least. But impressive speakers nonetheless. Just wish that their local distributor here would not mark-up their prices to the high price it is now.

  1. Dee
    28/01/2015 at 20:53

    Hi Alan..thks for the info about EV ELX115 passive speaker..I’ve been hunting for this model for sometimes now..I want to own one pair of this model to complete my mobile system upgrading.But I only have budget to buy used one.Do you know anyone who wants to sell these speakers? I will be grateful if you could help me with my quest..I can consider buying the TX series or ZLX series..thks.Email me boyan2k@gmail.com if you have any news..thks once again

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