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Wharfedale Pro KMD-7 drum-kit microphone set

When you do live shows. Now. more often than not, there are drum-kit microphone sets, like this Wharfedale Pro KMD-7. The days of having a suitcase full of drum microphones are over. I used to remember miking up Sennheiser MD421 microphones for the toms and such. Those Sennheisers cost a bomb back in the day. This drum-kit microphone set costs about the same as one of those Sennheisers and will get the job done. What is included in this kit, as far as I can see, is a kick-drum microphone, one for the snare, one for the rack toms and one for the floor tom plus two condensers for overheads.Features-wise, this is what this mic set includes:

  • High quality 7 piece live/home studio drum microphone pack
  • Durable cast zinc construction
  • Gold plated XLR connector
  • Unidirectional polar responses
  • Exceptional feedback rejection
  • Dent resistant grilles
  • Road tough foam lined plastic carry case

A pretty good deal for about $400. So drummers, get your own drum-kit mics here.

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