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The Anton Casey saga

It started innocently enough…well…almost. This wealthy wealth manager named Anton Casey had a problem with his car, a Porsche nonetheless and as a result, was forced to take public transport while it was presumably in the workshop for repairs. But what happened after that was what drove Singaporeans wild. While taking the MRT, he took a picture of his son and put a caption:

Daddy, where is your car and who are all these poor people?

Now that really pissed off many Singaporeans, including me, who rely on the MRT to get to our destinations, wherever they may be. But that was not the end. When he got his car back, presumably after getting it repaired, he took a picture, once more with his son in the front seat and wrote:

Ahhhhhhhh reunited with my baby. Normal service can resume, one I have washed the stench of public transport off me FFS!

Well done Anton Casey. This saga is about 6 days old and it is only now I am blogging about it because it just stupefies me why an obviously educated wealth manager would say such denigrating things about my country. I have been deliberating it for a few days. Was he brought up well? Is he acting this way because he does not accept our way of life? I do not know. But I will tell you one thing…he got a massive social media backlash when these two photos went viral.

People went into his Facebook account and lifted all manner of information from it. People started doing character searches on him. People found out that he is married to former Miss Singapore Bernice Wong and they have a child, as mentioned earlier. But that was not all. People found this other denigrating picture in his Facebook account:

That went too far. Why insult a taxi driver by calling him a “retard” Mr Casey? What has he done to you? You think he likes wearing this gear? You try driving a taxi for twelve hours, blasted with cold air from the air-conditioner. Let us see if YOU have issues like this. The poor taxi driver is probably arthritic and that is why he does that, to protect himself from the cold air. I faced some cold weather in Australia while studying there and even I dressed up like this! And do not think for a minute that trying to change your name from Anton Casey to Anson Stacey will help buddy!

In any case, last I heard, people were sending him death threats, spamming his email. His personal details were revealed: where he lived, his phone number, his wife’s name and such. Incidentally, speaking of his wife, I think the both of them were meant for each other. Apparently she once said that Singapore men are sheltered and childish and are not good enough for her. Arrogance to the highest degree. In any case, as a Singaporean guy, to me that is an instant turn off. I personally know 4 Miss Singapore Universe contestants personally. Two are related to me. And all of them can beat her in beauty and character hands-down. In any case, Anton Casey disabled his Facebook and Twitter account to stop the barrage of posts from irate Singaporeans but the harm had been done.

In any case, it was reported in the news that Anton Casey’s employer, Crossinvest Asia, fired him. They had to. They had no choice. People were clamouring for Anton Casey’s head and it would have meant a big blow to them if they continued to employ Casey, who had become infamous overnight. Apparently, their Facebook page carried this message:

Crossinvest Asia is deeply concerned by the recent comments made by Mr. Anton Casey on social media which have caused great distress amongst Singaporeans. Those comments go against our core corporate and family values that are based on trust, mutual understanding and are respectful of diversity.

Crossinvest Asia is a family business which has been built here in Singapore. The online comments made by Mr. Casey do not represent the culture that we have built over many years.

Accordingly, Crossinvest Asia and Mr Casey have parted ways with immediate effect.

It was reported that Anton Casey fled to Australia with his family to avoid the backlash…Perth Australia that is. He apparently took a Singapore Airlines flight and sat in economy class with a hat pulled low down to cover his face. Let us just hope that he does not start ridiculing Australians or there will be hell to pay. Let us take this as a lesson learnt: Pride goes before a fall.


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