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Cooking gas running out during Chinese New Year

Yes. That is precisely what happened a couple of days back. My wife was supposed to cook a meal for some guests that were coming over, only to have the fire on the stove sputter out and die. Why? No more gas obviously. So she calls me. I am out of the house, its Sunday and I am in church for Sunday mass. Since its Chinese New Year, most of the places are closed, and that includes the companies that supply cooking gas cylinders like these. So what do we do? Simple. Ask our neighbour for help. The kind-hearted lady gives us a cylinder, one of her own, so that we can finish the cooking. I vowed that tomorrow, I will order a brand-new cylinder of gas and give it to my neighbour personally.

Now, I can almost hear people asking me, or rather advising me: why not have two cylinders in your place so that if one goes, you have a backup? I have two reasons for that. One, my house is very small and space is at a premium. Two, my wife and I do not use much gas as we seldom cook large meals. Then I came across this place in Sri Lanka named Laugfs Gas Company that sells these 5kg cylinders. These would be ideal as backup cylinders, and only costs about $25. Our 12.7 kg cylinders cost about 35 dollars to order but its not about the price…its about a small backup being available. I wish Singapore would have something like thise…worth it eh?

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