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Faulty power adapter

31/03/2014 Leave a comment

One thing I hate about installs is that you are in a site and you notice you need a faulty part replaced and there are absolutely NO replacement parts. Take a look at this faulty power adapter above. This came off a HDMI extender. Now, I know what some of you may be saying and that is why did I not bring a spare part with me when I came onsite. The reason is was there are MANY HDMI extenders in this place, with different brands, thus using different power extender power supplies. I tried another and it would not fit. So next time, be prepared. Bloody hell.

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Samsung travel USB charger

30/03/2014 1 comment

One thing I love about this Samsung charger and that it is small. I had the chance to use it to charge my phone while I was in Guam a few weeks back. This thing is small but powerful. It charges well and I did not have any issues with the phone after the charging. I was thinking of getting one but I do not know where to look. I do not know if the Samsung store sells charges like these. I suppose I will have to look online but to be honest, I am scared of fakes. There are fakes a-plenty on the market nowadays. I suppose I will have to be patient and look harder.

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Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 Pro

29/03/2014 Leave a comment

Some time back, when I asked a band leader of a band some questions on his setup (he plays the synth and music sequencer for the band) what he used, he showed me his computer where the sequencer was playing on. But what grabbed my attention was the sound card. He was using a Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi to send his music to the main house system. I was surprised because the sound was pretty good. I know of some people who use this in their own house systems to get more out of their computer but this is the first time I have seen it being used in a place like a bar, by a band no less! It does the job and wonderfully too. You can find lots of details about this card here on Creative’s page. I just bought myself a Behringer UCA222 and it suits me fine or else, I would have gotten this.

HDMI extenders

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Have you ever had the need or urge to transfer your computer signals to a TV or flat-screen that is far away from the source? This is how you do it…through HDMI extenders. These things will allow you to transfer your HDMI feed over long distances. I have a flat screen TV at my house…now I am seriously thinking of hooking up my PC to this to watch streaming soccer games. Hmmmmm….

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DVI to VGA converter

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I have had to use several of them to hook up older monitors to my computer using these cables. Sometimes, people just do not want to upgrade for the sake of upgrading, choosing to use their old monitors instead. This should help them immensely as newer desktops come with DVI outputs.

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Manchester United vs Manchester City

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In a couple of hours time, the long-awaited Manchester Derby will be fought out at Old Trafford. It will be Manchester United vs Manchester City, David Moyes vs Manuel Pellegrini…clash of the titans if you will. The main issues will be defence frailties but Phil Jones will be back for Manchester United but Vincent Kompany will not be there, if memory serves me right, getting a red card a week ago. But in any case, we were talking about Phil Jones. He did very well against Olympiakos last week and I think that David Moyes should be (if he is not already) build a defensive team around him. Only thing is Smalling. Apparently, he was given a severe talking-to by David Moyes for being out late. I do not know if he will feature in the derby or not. But I think he will be. In any case, lets just see what happens.

Peavey Project Two speaker system

25/03/2014 1 comment

Back in the 80s, this was the most powerful speaker system we could afford. This was the Peavey Project Two system. It consisted of six speaker cabinets, six being of course if you used a pair of each. It consisted of the MF1-X horn, the MB-2 horn for mid-bass and the FH-1 low-frequency folded horn. This whole system was basically made up of horn-loaded enclosures for medium to long-throw applications. I must say that these speakers weighed a ton and carrying them was no fun at all. Then came the amplifier stack that is used to power it! But it was inexpensive and back in the day, when money was everything, we had to make choices and many used this. Peavey probably sold a million of them.