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How IBM helped the Nazis

29/04/2014 Leave a comment

A friend told me about this book named IBM and the Holocaust. I thought to myself…wow. I did not know such a thing like IBM either directly or indirectly was involved with The Holocaust. I gotta get this book and read it.

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Tito Vilanova dies of throat cancer

28/04/2014 Leave a comment

I got a rude shock when I heard the news or rather, read the news yesterday about ex-Barca coach Tito Vilanova losing his battle with cancer. Cancer is a terrible disease…it claimed the life of my father, so I know what his family must be going through. He was just 45 years old too. May his soul rest in peace.

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Manchester United – 4, Norwich City – 0

27/04/2014 Leave a comment

I remember when we played against Norwich City one year ago in March 2013. We got the very same result at Old Trafford today. Today was the first match with Ryan Giggs as interim manager after David Moyes left the club. The first goal was in the first half. It was a penalty. Welbeck was pulled down in the penalty box and the referee Lee Probert pointed at the spot. Rooney converted it and we were up one. That is how it stood at half-time, 1 – 0. In the second half, things got better. Rooney scored a beautiful one. Two zero! Then Giggs brought in Mata. Mata wasted no time in giving us two more goals! Fantastic!

And that is how it ended. Manchester United – 4 Norwich City – 0. It’s still early in Ryan Giggs stint as interim manager so let us watch and see. But in the meantime, Glory Glory!

LG USB charger

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Just the other day, I came across this LG USB charger while cleating up an old DJ console. I asked who it belonged to but everyone shrugged their shoulders. So what I did was to try it out by charging my phone and I found that it works well. Got another USB charger into my arsenal of charges. Pretty good!

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Starhub received a “no” from IDA to charge for 4G

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The telcos in Singapore are not very popular at this moment. Some time back, I posted about how telcos here in Singapore are a greedy bunch and StarHub is proof of just that with thjeir proposal to charge people for using 4G. I have had many clashes with them over this ten-year period I have been with them over all kinds of things so this should come of no surprise. But no matter what, kudos to IDA for nipping them in the bud!

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Ryan Giggs is Manchester United’s interim manager

24/04/2014 Leave a comment

After David Moyes left Manchester United (some less than enthusiastic fans would prefer to say “sacked”) Ryan Giggs was installed as the interim manager. Now for me, there is a lukewarm response to it. I do not doubt his legendary status at Manchester United. I also realise that he is one helluva player. But to be a manager, that is something else. Hopefully, after all those years under Sir Alex Ferguson, he would know a thing or two about tactics and all. Let us see how this turns out.

After Eight chocolate mints

23/04/2014 Leave a comment

I remember that my late grandmother, back in the 70s, always used to have these chocolates in her refrigerator. I used to help myself to it when I could when I was a little boy. I remember my dad catching me once and told me that the chocolates were named After Eight so we should only eat them after 8 o’ clock. Just the other day, while the wife and I were out shopping, we came across these chocolate being sold and since I have not eaten these for some time, we bought a box and proceeded to eat them the next day. I have to admit that these chocolates, now made by Nestle, do not have the same taste as the chocolates made in the past, I think by Rowntree. But they are still the ame chocolates and they bright back many memories of childhood

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