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Victorinox Camping Swiss pocket-knife

About 20 years ago…that is right, about 1994 thereabouts, or was it 1993, I bought this Victorinox Camping knife from a lobby shop in the hotel I was staying in. I remember that I bought the knife and the corresponding leather holder for it. I used it for many purposes and once in 1995, I asked a friend to buy me another one in Switzerland in case I lost this one. I was lucky I had such foresight because in 1997, somewhere in December, some low-life in Batam, Indonesia decided to liberate it from me. I was rather crestfallen because that knife had been all over the world with me. It had helped me in Australia when I was a student there in 1996. It had opened many a bottle of wine and was rather inseparable. Well, that backup knife that my friend bought long ago, almost 19 years ago in fact, is still with me and is still providing stellar service.  get this Victorinox Camping knife. It works and will be an inseparable tool that will get you out of many a situation.

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