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David Moyes to be sacked?

I was inundated with work this evening but when my mobile phone started beeping incessantly, reminding me of many a Facebook or Twitter post, it came apparent something was up. I soon found out why. It seems that the tabloid press in the UK were having a field day, saying David Moyes, the current manager of Manchester United, was to be sacked!

Apparently, two losses to Everton did him in. To be honest? I am not in favour of this, if it is true at all. It will lead to instability. Alex Stepney has said that he had to play under three coaches in three years and it did not help:

He signed a six-year contract didn’t he? Let’s give him a chance.

In my day we had three managers in three years and that did not work. You need stability.

He inherited a squad that walked the league, fair enough, but he also inherited a squad with a lot of players that are approaching the end of their careers

It was a similar situation when Sir Matt left, with a lot of guys who had won the European Cup in 1968. I think we finished eighth for a couple of seasons and then we were relegated.

If he is sacked, it will be terrible. That is the sad thing about this connected world that we live in…people wanting the best and are not afraid to share their thoughts online. Moyes has a massive job to do…a mountain to climb and all this sacking stories will not help. For me, I am behind the club and all that it stands for…and that includes David Moyes.

Its the man’s first season and just because Manchester United are not doing well, they call for his head. Now I know Sir Alex Ferguson had big shoes to fill but honestly…give the man some time!

  1. 22/04/2014 at 02:38

    It is certainly tough on the guy to be torn apart from every side. I think he has struggled with the intense scrutiny being manager of United brings. Maybe with time he would grow into the role. It is sad that in modern football managers are not given the time to build their team, it has to be immediate.

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