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Spain – 1, Netherlands – 5

I did not catch the match as I was sound asleep. Blame it on the travelling that I have been doing these past few weeks. When I woke up, my wife, who was asleep, woke up. She stayed up to watch the match so she told me to catch the highlights. Apparently, it was a very exciting match to watch. So I searched the Internet and found a feed.

I have to agree with my wife. What a match! Spain were literally humiliated and Iker Casillas looked totally and utterly lost. True, Spain were in the lead at first with a penalty. Xabi Alonso took the penalty and Spain were one up. They were celebrating but if they only knew what was going to follow. Spain received a 5 – 1 drubbing, as can be seen in the pic above.

Its still early days yet. Who knows? Spain may face a comeback.

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