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the Sunbeam Mixmaster cake mixer

Mum and grandma used to have this Sunbeam Mixmaster mixer back in the 70s. The both of them made many delicious cakes with this mixer. I dare say that this mixer was a very powerful machine and built very well…kept going and going for years, never needing a repair till both eventually died, maybe due to worn-out parts or broken receptacles. Mum still kept the bowls that came with the mixer. I remember she had a small, medium and large bowl. There was a switch at the rear of the machine that permitted changing the orientation of the mixer motor to correspond to the bowl size. You could set the speed of the mixer via the large dial (in black at the end of the machine). It took some skill to insert the mixer rotors (for want of a better word) into the machine but if you wanted them ejected, you had to twist the handle to take them out. Oh memories and memories of this machine. I just wish I could find one again. This photo comes courtesy of the blog Fab Finds. Thanks guys!

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  1. Roger Stauss
    15/10/2014 at 04:56

    HI there. I have a Sunbeam Mixmaster 1950’s vintage. Works very well, right now. I’ll probably post it on Ebay,


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