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Heap Seng Leong coffeeshop

There is coffee shop that I go often for breakfast. Stepping into this old coffee shop in North Bridge Road is like taking a travel back in time to the 70s. There are marble table-tops and the old chairs so resplendent of that era. And the kaya bread that is served there…heavenly! The bread is toasted on an old charcoal stove, the very same stove that is used to keep their coffee-pots warm, and is served with kaya and a thick slab of butter. Also, there is a delicacy served there that should be only be drunk once a month. Its kopi with butter in it…called “kopi gu you” There is a lady that also has a stall there serving up a variety of noodle-based dishes and even cooks carrot-cake, which admittedly I have yet to try, but it sure looked good. And check this out:

Yep…Bakelite switches…old ones from an old forgotten era. You will be surprised but there are many people who are looking for these because they want to add some chic to their houses. Many of these newer switches on the market nowadays are re-pops. But these are the real deal, probably been there since the coffee shop first came up.

I love this place. I just hope that it does not get torn down. These places are slices of old Singapore which I love, the Singapore I grew up in.


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