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Lojel Octa suitcase

I have a big suitcase by Samsonite…it’s really huge. Unfortunately, sometimes when my wife and I make short trips, we want something smaller that does not take up so much space. That is why we settled on this Lojel Octa suitcase. One thing I personally do NOT like about this is the fact that there are keyholes only for the use of US customs so that they can open your bag anytime they like. I do not like that but I suppose after all the terrorism cases, they reserve the right to do that. I have never had my suitcase opened by anyone before other than me so I hope it continues

In any case, back to the Octa. its pretty light and I chose it because I do not like zippered cases. They are far too easy to open. There are lots of videos on YouTube showing just how easy it is to open a zippered suitcase and frankly, I had my reservations about such zippered suitcases way before I saw those videos. In any case, these are the features of this Lojel Octa suitcase. Firstly, according to their website, it is made of some newly advanced shock-resistant material and is fully flush when closed. The casters are removable too and that will be very handy should one want to replace them. Al in all, cost me less than $300 and I am pretty happy with it. Now all I have to do is set the numbers for the locks and all will be good.

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