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Tapco MIX 100 10 channel mixer

I have a Yamaha MG82cx mixer and so far, it has served me well…very well. But the other day, I came across a similar mixer in a club that my friend was spinning at. He was using this Tapco Mix 100. That got me intrigued. This was the second place I have seen a Tapco product used and I was very curious about it. So when I reached home, I Googled about it and here is what I found out about this tiny mixer that is like my Yamaha MG82cx in many ways, but different.

Apparently, this ultra-compact mixer is the answer for budget-conscious folks who refuse to sacrifice sound quality or reliability just to save money. It’s built to suit a variety of needs from desktop recording stations to smaller live gigs–for beginners and seasoned professionals alike. The Mix.100 features high-quality sound, solid construction, and eye-catching cosmetics. This is what I got from a website that had some information on this mixer. From what I could see, my friend’s pub was set up to really use this mixer well. The main outputs were driving an amplifier that was powering the speakers in the club but the control room out was driving what was presumably an amplifier that was powering two speakers outside the bar. Every now and then, I saw my friend coming down to fiddle with the control room knob. Apparently, the music outside was too loud. As for the features of this mixer:

  • 2 Mono Mic/Line inputs
  • with Gain control
  • 4 Stereo Line Inputs
  • 1 Aux Send
  • Tape Input/Output
  • Aux Send Level
  • Main Aux Send Level
  • Ctrl Rm Out
  • Ctrl Rm Phones Level
  • Main Mix fader
  • Ultra-portable compact design fits almost anywhere
  • Rugged metal chassis takes all the punishment life can dish out
  • Intuitive layout gives access to all controls
  • Kensington Security Lock keeps mixer secure

Not too bad to even have a Kensington lock. I thought I only saw these on notebooks but seeing how small this mixer is, it makes sense. There is a PDF available here that has all the features of this discontinued model. It may be discontinued but I must say, it looks pretty sturdy and while I may not agree with a slide fader for a main output, it looks pretty good.

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