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Milka Alpine Milch chocolate

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First of all, I would like to thank Redstone Foods in advance for this picture of theirs that I am using. This brand name, Milka, has been around for quite some time. It is quality Swiss chocolate and my mum used to love eating it. I have to confess that my mother as a chocolate addict and needless, to say, so am I…well…sometimes but not all the time. So, when I saw these Milka chocolates being displayed for the grand price of 5 bars for $10, I snapped them up! Hey, bargains like these do not come every day man! In any case, its lovely chocolate and very smooth too. But it melts pretty easily in our warm, temperate climate. So if you want great tasting chocolate, this is it.

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We all can learn from Thomas Edison

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It was Thomas Edison that invented the phonograph and the electric light. Years ago, I read about his dogged determination and his “never-say-die” attitude. I must admit that sometimes, we need a confidence boost. And this is where you will find it…in the quotes of Thomas Edison. Whenever I feel that I have too much to bear and feel like giving up, I look at this. He has faced all this and more. And that is why he is one of the persons I respect and admire.

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Windows Boot Manager errors on a PC

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One of my clients had this Windows error on his PC the other day. So much for starting and restarting so many times, it just failed to load. So what we did was to reload the system because to be honest, even starting up with the installation disc did not help. I did tell the client that if they have recently been getting errors with fltmgr.sys it’s recommend they uninstall or re-install any programs recently that may have generated this error. But the client swore that nothing had been installed. Oh well. Its reloading time!

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TEAC A-707 DC Integrated Stereo Amplifier

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I saw this TEAC A-707 amplifier being sold on Ebay and I remember that my friend Simon used to have this amplifier.. I remember that back in the day…must have been the early 80s when we used to go to Simon’s house and blast his stereo that included this amplifier…it sounded pretty powerful and I was in awe of it. It is only just now that I found out that this amplifier only pushed about 50 watts per channel. I tell you, back in the day, those bloody LED and VU meters on amplifiers used to fool you into believing that the amps could output massive amounts of power. The Sony amplifier my dad had was a very good example!

In any case, we used to use this amplifier back then even for mobile parties. I remember a party in 1983 at my house when we used this amplifier and we rocked the house. The last time I actually saw this amplifier in action was the late 80s. But it did bring back memories…memories of the days when we were young and foolish.

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Pears soap

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I have been using Pears soap for years, even since I was a kid. Thanks in no small part to the British influence in Singapore, and my mum’s love for Pears soap, I still use it on a daily basis. Except now, I do not use the generic Pears soap displayed above. I use a different “flavour” of it and i seem to like it even better than the original one above

Enter the blue Pears soap. Love this and love the scent. There is something refreshing about it and I cannot see myself going back to the regular Pears soap. Plus, it only costs about $1.50 in the provision shop near my place so why not?

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Manchester United – 1, Chelsea – 1

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In a couple of hours, I am going to see my beloved Manchester United take on Chelsea. It is going to be a meeting of two juggernauts but it is also going to be a meeting of “pupil” Jose Mourinho and his “teacher” Louis Van Gaal. There have been lots of nay-says today. Just on Saturday morning, one of my friends, a Manchester United supporter no less, said that Chelsea will win. I told hom that I still believe in Manchester United and I believe that they will win. Oh well, we shall find out, and that right soon.

********** EDITOR’S NOTE **********

What a match it was. Drogba scored first, with a header into the goal from a corner. It was only in the dying minutes of the game when we had a corner and Robin Van Persie scored the equaliser. There were a few fantastic saves from both goalkeepers and for me, Man Of The Match should have been Fellaini. One point each and we live to tell the tale. Still, we kept Chelsea at arm’s length and that I am happy with

Panasonic energy-saving lights

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I have just finished changing all the lights in my house to these Panasonic energy-saving lights. They are not too expensive either. Most of the bulbs that I get are the low-wattage ones, and the cool daylight ones. They are much cheaper than the Osram’s or Philips that so adorn the shelves of many a DIY or hardware shop. Here. So next time you are in the market for energy-saving lamps, get these Panasonic ones. They are really worth it

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