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Yamaha MS400 active speakers

I was at a pub that my friend was spinning at on Saturday and I notice two of these rather odd-looking Yamaha MS400 speakers fastened to the ceiling behind him. When I saw them, my interest was piqued because I had never seen that model from Yamaha before. I then found out that these babies came out in 2001 thereabouts. When I got back home, I did some reading up on these speakers from Yamaha (this model has since been discontinued) and found out that these speakers were very popular. So what about them? The MS400 is a 2-way speaker system that delivers high-quality, high-powered sound in a lightweight, easy to carry and setup unit. Each unit is equipped with an internal bi-amplified power system that delivers a total of 400 watts (LF/300W, HF/100W) to the 15″ low and 2″ high frequency drivers. Each unit is also equipped with a built-in mixer that supplies independent Mic and Line inputs. A variety of setups are possible since the MS400 is flyable, stackable and pole mountable. It can even be used as a floor monitor when laid on its side.

Me thinks that this was the precursor of the popular MSR400 speakers. But the MSR400s come with a 12″ woofer whereas these come with 15″ woofers. The highs are supplied by a 2″ titanium diaphragm compression driver. It’s sad that Yamaha does not make these anymore. If they did, I am pretty sure I would have ended up with a pair of these at least!

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