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VSSL, a flashlight stored with survival gear

My friend posted this on his Facebook feed and I was immediately intrigued. I am a sucker for things like these and there have been a few times when I have always been the one with a first-aid kit when I went on holidays, ever forgetting to pack it in my bag. But these…I must say that the idea is not new to be honest. U have seen it in some torches while I was serving my mandatory National Service but this is amazing.

Now. according to GearJunkie where I first came upon this:

A flashlight, compass, and survival kit in one? While this might not be the lightest option (18 ounces filled) for a simple survival kit, the VSSL (pronounced “Vessel”) packs a lot of utility into a rugged, waterproof container. It carries survival-oriented tools in small tins and comes with a compass on top. The LED flashlight on one end runs for 20 hours, or up to 40 hours in a flashing S.O.S. mode. The compass is visible on the outside of the opposite end.

I immediately went to their website (which is on Kickstarter)  to check it out myself and I found out a bit more about the person who came up with this concept of many-things-in-one-torch:

The inception for VSSL literally goes back to when I was a child venturing into the great outdoors of the Canadian North.  Back then we didn’t travel far from home, so being “prepared” for us meant a pocket knife and, if we could get away with it, some matches.  As kids entering our teens, our adventures took us farther out and the supplies we had to take with us became more important.  Even then I was very aware of the inadequacies of many of the “off the shelf” emergency supplies we came across, and so the idea was planted to create a functional unit that we would have been proud to own.

VSSL currently comes in four types: Supplies, First Aid, Shelter and Zombie.

Nice one. I like it and I might get one if it ever comes to Singapore

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  1. Fred Johnson
    18/01/2015 at 10:05

    My Shelter VSSL just arrived. Looks great, however my light doesn’t work. Yes, I checked the polarity. Guess I’ll have to buy some new batteries. BTW, I have #9 of 50.

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