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TEAC A-707 DC Integrated Stereo Amplifier

I saw this TEAC A-707 amplifier being sold on Ebay and I remember that my friend Simon used to have this amplifier.. I remember that back in the day…must have been the early 80s when we used to go to Simon’s house and blast his stereo that included this amplifier…it sounded pretty powerful and I was in awe of it. It is only just now that I found out that this amplifier only pushed about 50 watts per channel. I tell you, back in the day, those bloody LED and VU meters on amplifiers used to fool you into believing that the amps could output massive amounts of power. The Sony amplifier my dad had was a very good example!

In any case, we used to use this amplifier back then even for mobile parties. I remember a party in 1983 at my house when we used this amplifier and we rocked the house. The last time I actually saw this amplifier in action was the late 80s. But it did bring back memories…memories of the days when we were young and foolish.

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