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Fender Squier 4 Sound System Compact PA

Given the fact that Fender were very successful with their Passport series of portable PA systems, I am willing to bet that this was the system that preceded that. The Squier 4 includes an 80-watt, 4-channel mixer, and two 10″ speakers in trapezoidal cabinets.  Speaker cables, microphone, and a mic cable are  included in the package. Features-wise, this is what the mixer has to offer:

  • 4-channel mixer with four XLR mic and four 1/4″ line inputs
  • 3-band EQ on each input channel
  • Phantom power
  • Reverb
  • Individual channel effects controls
  • Patch points for outboard gear
  • Footswitch jack for reverb on/off
  • 80 watts mono output @ 4 ohms
  • 1/4″ outputs

Not too bad. For a low-powered system of 80 watts, this has quite a lot to offer. very useful as a general purpose PA system for AGMs, product launches and the like. As for the speakers, this is what they have to offer:

  • 10″ 2-way speaker system
  • Dual piezo compression driver
  • 160 watts power handling (320 watts peak power) at 8 ohms
  • Black vinyl covering
  • 1/4″ input jack
  • Pole socket for speaker stand
  • 70? x 25? dispersion
  • Frequency response: 75Hz to 20kHz
  • Size: 20.5″h x 15″w x 12.25″d. Wt. 27 lbs.

Ah. Those piezo tweeters. I would be wary of those. I had a pair on my Peavey 112H speakers back in the day and they were pretty hard to find when I blew the buggers. So if you blow these, you will be hard-pressed to find replacements. But given the fact that you can get almost anything online now, I suppose my tales of woe with regards to speaker replacement are confined to history.

Good system. Affordable, will do the job and I might even say, do the job well.

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